Wild and Free

Near the border of Texas and Mexico, lies an intersection of storied history. The Devils River streams wildly and free through hundreds of years of extraordinary discovery; it has charmed Native Americans, cofounded Conquistadors, and tended to Texas Rangers, alike.

And while many may choose to see the natural-flowing waters of the Devils River as a divide – separating lands, people, traditions, and cultures – we know that the iron-free, limestone-filtered spring water we source to make our whiskey brings people together. 


Feats of nature

Just South-Southwest of the Devils River is another unique feat of nature known for the unusual spiney leafed Agave plant. A national treasure to Mexico and spirits-lovers worldwide, the Blue Agave is renowned for being the primary sources of agave nectar, a syrupy sweetener, and the key ingredient in mezcal, tequila, and now, Devils River Agave Bourbon.

A celebration of Cultures

We celebrate two historically rich byproducts of the nature. The Devils River lures you in with its stunning landscape and pristine tranquil water flowing naturally into the Rio Grande and the highlands of Jalisco in Mexico bears the beautiful Blue Agave with its naturally sweet nectar. We have created a celebration of these two cultures in one unique experience, Devils River Agave Bourbon.


We start with our award-winning,  Devils River Bourbon Whiskey and add a touch of organic, unfiltered Blue Agave nectar from Jalisco, Mexico to create a truly one-of-a-kind Texas-Mexico whiskey experience, Devils River Agave Bourbon Whiskey, 80-proof 40% ABV.


We’re constantly on the move and we’re not slowing down any time soon.


Kick back, relax and let Devils River Whiskey be delivered to you.