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Get to know the man behind the whiskey, our very own Mike Cameron.

As a self-taught distiller and the creator of Devils River Whiskey, it’s fair to say that Mike knows a thing or two about what makes good whiskey, and for us, it’s the water.


The limestone-filtered water from the Devils River is a key ingredient in our finishing process and gives our sinfully smooth Whiskey a damn good taste. “The Devils River is a beautiful and powerful river. When I decided to create something new in the world of Texan distilled spirits, I brainstormed several different brand names and started to narrow it down. In the end, I did some research and learned about the high quality of the water which solidified my decision. Devils River Whiskey stands apart from the competition because we use the purest water found in Texas.” – Mike Cameron


Distillers use a tool called a “barrel thief” to pull aging whiskey from a barrel to sample it. You can pull from the bottom, middle, or top of a barrel and get slight differences in the whiskey’s color, nose, and taste. Barrels with the same mash bill, time in barrel, and stored in the same rick house can all have a different personality. That is why it is important to sample the whiskeys during the aging process.
In this photo, whiskey has been pulled straight from a barrel using the barrel thief and placed in a glass beaker. Now, Mike will use a proofing table to bring the whiskey in the beaker down to proof. Our Devils River Bourbon and Rye Whiskey are both 90-proof. However, when they are pulled from the barrel they are 117-proof.
"Using a hydrometer, I get to eye level with the whiskey to get an exact reading of the alcohol to water ratio of the whiskey. This is an important step during the proofing process where we bring the barrel strength whiskey down to our bourbon’s proof, 90." - Mike Cameron


Mike will be hosting sipping sessions, bourbon dinners, and exclusive bottle signing sessions in select cities across the nation. Stay tuned for a ‘Meet The Maker’ event coming to a city near you.

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