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Devils River Spirits’ products are designed to appeal responsibly to adults of legal drinking age, and when enjoyed in moderation, can be consumed responsibly.

Devils River’s products are intended for responsible use by individuals aged 21 and up. We place our products and advertising where they will be seen by those of legal drinking age, and our content will be produced to appeal to the same demographic. Devils River products, merchandise and apparel will never be sold or marketed in a way that primarily appeals to those under the legal drinking age.

All persons responsible for developing and promoting the brand of Devils River Whiskey must understand and adhere to these standards of social responsibility, and promulgate them in every aspect of their messaging.

No changes may be made from this policy, in letter or in spirit. All persons involved in the promotion and sale of Devils River are responsible for these standards without exception. Devils River Whiskey recommends that its consumers familiarize themselves with the DISCUS guidelines on alcohol and health. 

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