Pure Limestone-Filtered Water

Great whiskey starts with great water. That’s why our award-winning Devils River Whiskeys starts with the exceptionally pure, fresh limestone-filtered water from the Devils River region.

The Devils in the Details

Using the right amount of rye, balanced out with a perfect blend of corn and malted barley, Devils River Rye achieves the perfect balance of sweet and spice with notes of vanilla, dried apples, and pepper.

Finishing the Process

We finish our whiskeys with our proprietary chill filtration process. Chill filtration removes impurities and softens the finish without compromising the whiskey’s flavor. The result is a deep amber color and award-winning taste.

Award-Winning Flavor

Devils River Rye has been recognized as one of the best Rye Whiskeys aged less than 10 years.  Our Rye Whiskey has been awarded 14 medals from some of the most prestigious spirits competitions.  Devils River Rye has won 6 Gold medals, 1 Double Gold Medal from the San Diego International Spirits Competition and recognized as Rye of the Year by the New York International Spirits Competition.

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