The road to Devils River Coffee Bourbon Whiskey starts by sourcing a Vienna Roast blend of “free-trade” coffee beans from a local San Antonio coffee roaster. Responsibly sourced from Honduras, Colombia, and Brazil, the coffee beans are roasted to extract the most flavor. The Vienna Roast is the most difficult roast to achieve on a consistent basis, so of course, Devils River Whiskey had to take on the challenge.


After trying a variety of roasting styles, we found that Vienna Roast best compliments our whiskey, adding another layer to its deep flavor profile. Besides being darker, richer and more aromatic, this blend has a full body that features caramel, citrus and berry notes with a rich, satisfying finish. 


We didn’t stop there. To further enhance the coffee flavor in our whiskey, we chose to go with the cold-brew process. Hot brewing forces the flavor from the bean, but cold brew likes to take its own sweet time. We steep our award-winning Devils River Bourbon with the dark roasted Vienna coffee beans for at least 24 hours at a low temperature to bring out the smooth, sweet flavor cold brew coffees are known for.


We then marry our bourbon-infused coffee whiskey with 100% organic blue weber agave nectar, creating a naturally infused rich and smoky coffee-flavored bourbon whiskey.



Already awarded Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, our Coffee Bourbon can be enjoyed like any traditional whiskey – neat, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail.  Because Devils River is a high rye bourbon, the coffee flavor is perfectly balanced by the spicy notes in our whiskey. The natural oils from the dark roasted coffee beans give our whiskey a creamy mouthfeel.  Enjoy, Devils Advocates.

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