Get A Taste Of Summer With Inspired Cocktail Ideas Featuring Devils River Whiskey

SAN ANTONIOJune 26, 2019


When you think of whiskey, you probably think of a traditional cocktail like the Old Fashioned or Manhattan enjoyed by a warm fire on a cold night, right?

Devils River Whiskey, the fastest growing premium Texas whiskey, is changing that perception with a variety of options made with their award-winning whiskey for a new, unexpected, summertime twist.

“Bourbon can be as versatile and mixable as rum, vodka and tequila,” said Eric Hundelt, Senior Vice President at Devils River Whiskey.  “Devils River Whiskey expressions are sure to surprise as whiskey can take on a different persona fusing with the flavors of summer fruits like raspberry and lemon for something light and fresh,” said Hundelt.

Chad Larson is the Barman at American Bonded in Denver, Colorado.  “Devils River Whiskey is the perfect summertime whiskey to use in refreshing citrus cocktails like a Collins or a classic sour.  If you feel like getting creative, Devils River shines through when you use a beautiful local honey as the sweetener in your drink or even in a punch if you are having a few friends over for an afternoon BBQ,” said Larson.

From cooling lemonades to whiskey sangrias, below are a few of our favorite Devils River #SinfullySmoothWhiskey recipes.

The Razmanian Devil is a great alternative to the typical margarita.  But don’t let the name fool you.  Although devilishly good, this fresh take will cool even the hottest summer days.  Frozen or on-the-rocks, our 90-proof Devils River Bourbon mixes well with lemon juice, raspberry liqueur, and simple syrup, finished with a splash of lemonade.

Watermelon Fizz is dangerously bold as it combines Devils River 90-proof Bourbon with the rich flavor of Peach Schnapps, lime juice, watermelon, thyme, and ginger beer to create the ideal pool-side aperitif.

Don’t believe us?  Below are the ingredients and steps you need to take as a Devils Advocate to create these #SinfullySmoothWhiskey cocktails before your next pool party.


1 ½ oz. Devils River Bourbon Whiskey
2 oz. Lemonade
½ oz. Simple Syrup
½ oz. Lemon Juice
½ oz. Raspberry Liqueur
Serve on the rocks or frozen, garnish with a lemon or raspberry

1 ½ oz. Devils River Bourbon Whiskey
½ oz. Peach Schnapps
½ oz. Lime Juice
3-5 Chunks of Watermelon (muddled)
Ginger Beer to top
Serve on the rocks, garnish with sugar rim and thyme

For more ideas, as well as video tutorials on how to mix the perfect summer drink, follow the hashtags #SinfullySmoothWhiskey and #SinfullySmoothSippers on YouTube or click HERE.


About Devils River Whiskey
Devils River Whiskey, a premium whiskey company based in San Antonio, Texas, is committed to creating a whiskey that stands apart from the competition because of its use of the purest water in Texas at the heart of the production process.

Devils River Whiskey is now available in the following 25 states: TX, FL, CA, NY, IL, GA, CO, KY, OK, NE, SC, TN, IN, MD, DC, NJ, MA, RI, ME, CT, WI, MO, KS, AR

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